We're having a fun race out at the Pereira's ranch outside of Stillwater. 

We have a 3.5 mile grass track with some woods and a barn we'll be racing thru !!  

This will be "head to head' bracket racing,  2 riders per race, 1 lap, winner advances to the next round. 1 LCQ, then a 3 rider 3 lap main event !! 

We have 5 different brackets.

$20 Entry fee, 1/2 goes into the pot. 
Bracket winner gets the pot $$
Awards for top 3.

We're limited on parking, so we will have to limit the number of riders to 16 per bracket.  

If you plan to join us, please reserve your spot by using our survey monkey site and telling us what class, your name and email address.    First come, first serve ! 

Check our facebook page for updates.