The Grass Track Knockout at the Triple R was a great time !  The head to head racing format was a lot of fun and produced some really good battles. Plus all the bracket winners made out with some cash too $$   Big thanks to Blackjack Enduro Circuit for adding to our 85cc and 65cc pot. 

It was great seeing are familiar OHSCS racers along with some new faces.  Hope you had a great time and I'm sure we'll put something else together before long !
Race Results

1st -Jedidiah Boylan
2nd - Brian Hale
3rd- Allan Swartz

Vet +35
1st- Allan Swartz
2nd- Eric Breien
3rd- Bobby Schoebinger

Vet +50
1st - Gavin Punch
2nd - Craig Chapman
3rd - Todd York

1st- Cole Schafittzel
2nd - Joseph Pitts
3rd - Neo Williams

1st - Tripp Endress
2nd - Wyatt Breien
3rd - Zeke Clatt

1st - Wyatt Pereira
2nd - Cooper Harrison
3rd - Cash Hanoch