Gates Open 12noon - Sat, Mar. 19th
Race - Sun, Mar. 20th
Rd #1 - Wolf's Den
405 202 0786
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No Quad Classes for 2016
Unfortunelty due to lack of participation in our quad classes, we will not be racing quads in 2016.
Short Course Changes
We are also adding a Mini Open C, 65cc - A, 65cc- B.  The 110 class riders will move to the 65cc-B class and we will still have our 50cc classes and Women's.

The race format will group the Mini Open C, 65cc A & B and the second group will be Womens, 50cc - 2stroke, 50cc - 4stroke. 
NO Membership FEE in 2016
We're doing away with the "series card" for 2016.  Just pay your gate fee and class entry fee and go race.   Simple !
New "Work" points program
For 2016, points for working a race will no longer be an average but a set amount - 30 Points. It will now cost $15 to work a race and you will need to work both the 1 Hour and 2 Hour races. We are needing a little more track help on race day and hope this encourages riders to work a race.
New for 2016 - 1 Hour Long Course Division plus some new classes !
We will be adding a new 1 hour long course race which will feature a few new classes.  New classes are Mini Open A, Mini Open B, Trailrider, Trailrider +40 and Vintage Pre-1990.
2016 Race Dates
21st Annual River Front Grand Prix
Nov 28th-29th, Fort Smith Arkansas.
This is a non-OHSCS event.
Pro Rider, Tony Joiner